Irish Loss Assessors has been set up to provide you with practical advice on hiring a loss assessor in Ireland.


What does a loss assessor do?


A loss assessor works for the insurance policy holder when they are making an insurance claim. Usually a policy holder will engage a loss assessor to handle a claim on their behalf, in order to make a stronger claim in a shorter period of time, and to remove the stress of dealing with the insurance company themselves. A loss assessor is typically only engaged for substantial insurance claims.

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The functions of a loss assessor include:


  • The assessor must evaluate the existing insurance policy and determine what cover is available for the specific type of claim.
  • An assessor identifies the full extent of loss or damage to buildings or contents and any other expenses that are relevant to the claim.
  • If it is a business claim, the assessor must calculate business interruption losses and extra expenses such as increased costs of working.
  • The insurance claim is prepared by the loss assessor.
  • The assessor is has the task of negotiating a settlement with the insurance company and their loss adjuster.


Guidelines on how to choose a loss assessor:

  • Check that the loss assessor company is registered and authorised by the relevant regulatory agencies.
  • Check that there are qualified professionals working within the firm, such as chartered surveyors or accountants.
  • Make sure that the company has full professional indemnity insurance.
  • Check out  the company’s website and testimonials – getting a feel for the company through their website and reading  other peoples experiences is the best way to decide which loss assessor company is the right choice for you.
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